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New MS APA Representative

Mississippi has a new American Poultry Association state representative! What is a APA representative? They are the “welcoming committee” at the state and local levels of the APA. Being a state representative isn’t simply a title, but is actually an integral part of the APA. Representatives attend many shows within their state, bringing along with […]

Things To Consider When Purchasing Broodfowl

Recently in an article in Poultry Press, Kenny Troiano makes a few good points when considering purchasing broodfowl for those of us who strive to be true breeders. BEWARE THE CHICKEN PEDDLER “A peddler only breeds to produce as many fowl as possible. Rarely does he cull, and in most cases, he will raise and […]

2015 North Mississippi Poultry Show Winners

North Mississippi Poultry Club held its first ever poultry show (North Mississippi Poultry Show) on April 11, 2015 in Verona, MS. This was the first ever sanctioned poultry show to be held in the northern part of the state. For a first show there was a good representation of many breeds and a large attendance. […]

Show Entries

Entries for the 2015 North Mississippi Poultry Show are almost closed. NOTE: Online entries ends April 4th. When we receive your entry you will be notified. Entries are on a first come basics. When all cages are filled we will close entries. Any entries after this will be returned. We will try an keep an accurate count […]

Open & Junior Show Awards

The North Mississippi Poultry Club will be hosting the North Mississippi Poultry Show on April 11, 2015.  There will be a open show and a junior show. The junior show is for youth (ages 5-18). It is being held at the Lee Country Agri-Center, 5395 Mississippi 145, Verona, Mississippi. Coop in time is 7:00 a.m. with judging beginning at 9:30 a.m. […]

Sponsorships and Why We Need Them

Sponsorships are advertisings from a company or business who wants to be associated with a specific event, i.e. North Mississippi Poultry Show. By being a sponsor they increase their visibility in their community and show their support for that event. Why do we need sponsorships? It would be nice if we had a large enough club membership that […]

Club Dues

Ok, so I’ve joined the North Mississippi Poultry Club what happens with my dues? Club dues are used to pay club expenses, i.e. bank fees, show sanction fees, state and federal filing fees, insurance, etc. After these expenses the remainder is used to host the North Mississippi Poultry Show. After we are through our first year […]

North Mississippi Poultry Show

Plans are currently underway for the first ever North Mississippi Poultry Show. It has been over thirty years since there was any sanctioned poultry show in our state. This will be a monumental event. Please help spread the word. If you have poultry interest please join the North Mississippi Poultry Club and help us in […]